International Cloud Computing

Competition-Ireland 2024

21st-24th May

Technological University Dublin

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Countries Participating

This competition is bringing the National Champions from 14 countries together to participate in the competition that is helping the competitors to prepare for the World Championships at the WorldSkills international competition in Lyon, France in September 2024.

Countries that will participate are: Ireland, Taiwan, Australia, Hong Kong, France, Japan, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Brazil, South Korea, Poland, Canada, Germany and China.

Cloud Computing ?

Cloud computing is as a model for delivering and consuming computing resources over the internet. It involves the provision of services such as servers, storage, databases, networking, software, and more on a pay-as-you-go basis. This model enables users to access these resources flexibly, scale them up or down as needed, and avoid the complexities of managing physical infrastructure.

key part of corporate digital transformation strategy

The skill involves designing and implementing information technology infrastructure in a public cloud environment and features multiple roles :

  • System Engineers
  • Database Administrators
  • Network Engineers
  • Storage Administrators
  • IT Architects
  • Developers
  • Cybersecurity Consultant
  • Data Scientist

As the cloud begins to dominate the business landscape, demand for positions related to cloud computing is increasing. Those specialists who are adept at managing multi-cloud environments, including public, private and hybrid clouds from a variety of vendors will be best positioned in the evolving market.


Responsibilities may involve providing design input, collaborating with customer service and analysts on project milestones, and analysing weaknesses and recommending system improvements. Cloud computing specialists need a background working with system architecture components, such as networking and software. In addition to strong technical skills, they should also have excellent collaborative skills, as well as strong analytical reasoning to effectively look at the strengths and weaknesses of projects.


The WorldSkills Cloud Computing competition enables candidates to develop multiple cloud computing skills, fostering expertise in managing, deploying, and optimizing cloud-based solutions.

Well Architecting95%
Best Practices85%
Soft Skills75%

Event Schedule

Every day the competitors will have a set of tasks that needs to be solved using the best practices in Cloud Computing.

It is a great opportunity to learn more about cloud services and see the competitors to solve challenging industry problems using Cloud technologies

21st May 2024 - Day 1

08:30 Arrival to Competition Area

08:40 Genral information (CE)

08:50 Opening Ceremony

09:20 General information from AWS

09:40 Competition Time

11:30 Short break

11:40 Competition Time

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Competition Time

15:30 Short break

15:40 Competition Time

16:50 End of the Competition / Making (Expert)

22nd May 2024 - Day 2

08:30 Arrival to Competition Area

08:40 Genral information (CE)

09:00 General information from AWS

09:15 Competition Time

11:30 Short break

11:40 Competition Time

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Competition Time

15:30 Short break

15:35 Competition Time

16:45 End of the Competition / Making (Expert)

23rd May 2024 - Day 3

08:30 Arrival to Competition Area

08:40 Genral information (CE)

09:00 General information from AWS

09:10 Competition Time

11:30 Short break

11:40 Competition Time

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Competition Time

16:00 End of the Competition / Making (Expert)

18:30 Gala Dinner (place TBC)

18:45 Winners announcement

22:30 End of the event

24th May 2024 - Day 4

08:30 Departure from TU Dublin (Tallaght Campus)

10:00 Cultural Day Starting

13:30 Free time

17:00 Return to Dublin

19:00 Arrival TU Dublin (Tallaght Campus)


The Cloud Computing competition organized by WorldSkills Ireland, will take place in TU Dublin University on the Tallaght campus.


Blessington Rd, Tallaght, Dublin 24, D24 FKT9

Main Entrance

See image below


Previous Competitions

Ireland has been at the forefront of cloud computing competitions, with students consistently showcasing outstanding skills over the years. The nation has actively participated in numerous international competitions, consistently demonstrating high standards of performance. We firmly believe that fostering and promoting these skills will greatly benefit our society. The School of Enterprise Computing and Digital Transformation of the Technological University Dublin has been a key player in this journey to prepare young talent with relevant skills. Ireland has participated in several International competitions since 2019.




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For more information about the event, please contact us at the following email address:


Dr. Fernando Perez Tellez